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Meet Genevieve


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Public Service

Genevieve grew up learning the importance of serving and supporting others.  She watched her parents, grandparents, and extended family serve others and always lend a helping hand to those in need.  She learned from her family and church that true leaders serve others in their community. They taught her to not simply dictate to others what they want done or sit back and reap the rewards of their position but jump in and work alongside others.  Genevieve points to serving others as the highlights of her career, whether it be teaching English to high school students in a foreign country, working at a non-profit in DC, or serving our citizens by developing pragmatic solutions for complex policy challenges.


Genevieve made Maryland her home nearly 10 years ago and has embraced her adopted state, even coming to appreciate and love traffic circles. She has a B.S. in Secondary Education (History and English) and a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Temple University.

Expect More

Throughout her career, Genevieve has both developed legislation and regulation and worked with organizations to implement federal requirements.  She has seen the significant impact that laws written to promote special interests have on small businesses as well as people’s everyday lives. The laws our Congress has passed have sometimes hurt the people they were intending to protect rather than helping to improve their lives. Unfortunately, we have come to expect very little from our elected representatives. Genevieve believes we should expect more by putting what is best for people above what is best for a political party. We should expect our representatives to not only read legislation before they vote, but also work to understand all sides of an issue and the impacts a bill will have on their constituents before passing a bill.  We should expect that our representatives will not only provide appropriate oversight to the other branches of government, but will also remember that they have a larger job to do, such as passing an actual budget. We should expect that our representatives serve the people rather than themselves and that they view holding a seat in Congress as a privilege and responsibility, not a guaranteed job for the rest of their lives. We should expect our representatives to make hard choices and legislate, rather than punting their responsibilities to regulatory agencies and unelected officials.