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Transforming Our Healthcare System


After years of working with Medicare and Medicaid as well as within the VA, it is clear that the government is not best positioned to run an effective, efficient, and safe healthcare system. Medicare and Medicaid are rampant with fraud and abuse while many Americans on these plans have difficulty obtaining care. Medicare and Medicaid need to be in place to care for those who cannot afford healthcare through their employer or on their own, but placing the entire healthcare system under control of the government will not solve our current healthcare challenges and will simply make existing problems bigger. Likewise, simply repealing the Affordable Care Act will have significant consequences for everyone.  Read More

Serving Our Veterans

I had the privilege of spending six months serving at the Department of Veterans Affairs, which was more than enough time to see that significant reform is still needed in order to serve Maryland’s veterans. I have witnessed the toxic culture within the VA and how it frequently prioritizes money and power over its mission.  Most have given up hope of ever seeing reform, but I believe we owe more to our veterans than sitting on the sidelines and accepting the status quo. Read More


Protecting Digital Privacy

Our nation is facing constantly evolving cybersecurity threats against corporations and government institutions alike. Whether foreign and non-state actors target classified information or meddle in national elections, the United States must ensure the integrity of our democratic process continues for future generations. Our world now completely depends on technology, and we must be proactive in ensuring that our cyber infrastructure is protected from foreign nations who mean us harm. We must invest in protecting our national security on this new front and cannot afford to do otherwise. In addition to addressing our nation’s cybersecurity issues, we must also protect our personal electronic data. Read More

Being Good Stewards of Our Natural Resources

We have a shared responsibility of being caretakers of our earth and its natural resources, and we must address the effects that climate change has on our community and our country. As good stewards, we should, whenever possible, be doing what we can to slow down and reverse the effects of climate change.  Current laws meant to address climate change, however, allow large companies to pollute by simply paying fees, which are then passed on to the consumer as a cost of doing business. Local businesses cannot afford to pay these polluter fees and struggle to compete with corporate rivals in the marketplace. Read More

Ensuring Responsible Gun Ownership

All of our constitutionally guaranteed rights come with responsibility. We have a guaranteed right to freedom of speech, but we also have a responsibility not to shout fire in a crowded place when there is no fire.  The same is true with gun ownership. We have a guaranteed right to protect ourselves, our families, and our property with a firearm, but we also must ensure that individuals who own guns do so responsibly and practice gun safety. By ensuring that guns are kept out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill, we can begin to provide a safer community for our children while maintaining the constitutional right of Americans.

Providing Our Children with a Solid Education

A quality education is essential to succeed in life regardless of the career someone pursues. Our children deserve an education regardless of where they live.  All too often, however, classrooms are overcrowded, teachers are underpaid, and students are learning only what they need to pass standardized tests. Parents are provided few options for where their kids can succeed in school and students are not aware of the trade apprenticeship programs they can pursue instead of a traditional college degree. We must focus on preparing our children for careers in the sciences and technology that influences other economies like agriculture and defense. I will work to develop and implement practical policies that help all children achieve their full potential in continuing to make America the greatest force for invention and innovation in the twenty-first century.

Fixing Our Immigration System

While it is clear that our current immigration system is unfair to both lottery applicants and those seeking asylum in the United States, the government must act on its responsibility to ensure that our borders are secure, our citizens are safe, and our limited resources are not used on those who do not contribute to American society. However, blaming immigrants for all of the issues facing our country or boiling down our immigration policy to building a wall does not solve our problems.  Our immigration laws have loopholes that need to be closed, but these solutions require a long-term plan for addressing how individuals who have lived here for a significant portion of their lives can become citizens. Read More

Supporting Women and Families

The United States is one of very few developed countries that does not offer its citizens paid family leave to enable new mothers and fathers to take time off work to adjust to life as a young family. All family members deserve policies that promote a stable, supportive environment that account for all life events. Americans deserve policies that protect individuals who need to take time off of work without fear of losing their job while still being able to provide for their families during an illness or family hardship. Read More

Reforming Congress

It's not hard to see that our Congress is dysfunctional and often not doing its job.  Congress has not passed a complete budget since 2006 and has repeatedly used continuing resolutions (CR) to temporarily fund government operations while also shutting down completely three times in the last decade.  I have personally experienced the havoc caused by Congress failing to do its most basic function. Partisan politics has led to both sides refusing to compromise and continues to threaten the very foundation of our democracy. I am committed to pushing for procedural changes that will ensure every member of Congress performs their primary responsibilities, including returning the House of Representatives to its roots of being a deliberative body. I will also push for transparency in making bill text available to the public in advance of votes and providing information to the public about which organizations, including special interest groups, have provided technical assistance or feedback on proposed bills prior to votes being taken.

Repairing Our Nation's Infrastructure

Our nation’s infrastructure is in a state of disrepair.  As of 2018, Maryland ranked fifth in the nation for worst infrastructure.  With Maryland’s population increasing each year and our residents facing one of the longest commutes in the country (on average 32 minutes), we cannot afford to ignore our infrastructure issues.  We must identify the largest infrastructure problems, prioritize them, and work with the private sector to invest in fixing them.


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